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reetings and a warm welcome to the latest instalment of Intelligent Build . tech . We trust that you have had a rejuvenating month and are eager to delve into the last edition of 2023 .
For our featured cover story , Jason Chandler , Senior Operations Director at Kelly Group , provides valuable insights into how the Kelly Group is meeting new service demands efficiently and maintaining unparalleled service continuity in the fast-paced telecom industry .
With a rich history in constructing networks across various sectors , including telecoms , rail , civils , utilities , traffic management and energy , Kelly Group has excelled as a telecommunications leader for over three decades . To continue this success , the company adopted Totalmobile ’ s Optimise , a dynamic workforce scheduling solution .
“ The partnership with Totalmobile has been instrumental in helping us streamline our operations . Using Optimise , we ’ ve optimised our workforce allocation , reduced travel time and improved our overall efficiency ,” said Chandler . Dive into this partnership on page 48 .
As countries around the world wake up to climate threats , our progression towards net zero has never been more important . Part of this transition is shifting from petrol or diesel cars to electric cars . On page 17 , we hear from Will Temperley , Founder of Fortis Foundation , about the crucial role local authorities play in the success of ChargePoint rollouts amidst the global shift towards electric vehicles .
Keeping our focus on the climate emergency faced globally , as well as the cost of living crisis faced in the UK , we hear from Jack Taylor , General Manager of Europe , Allume Energy , about a groundbreaking solar energy initiative that promises to revolutionise the way we harness clean and affordable electricity for multi-unit properties in the UK . Learn more on page 63 .
Throughout the UK , local authorities and housing associations have a responsibility to ensure citizens live in safe and secure homes . Maintaining high standards is paramount . The tragic story of Awaab Ishak , a two-year-old from Rochdale who died as a result of direct exposure to black mould , shows the catastrophic reality of what ’ s at stake when unsafe homes go under the radar .
This month , our Clocking Out feature hears from Dean Marsh , IoT Solutions Architect at Connexin , readers are provided with insights into the remarkable capabilities of IoT technology when it comes to identifying and addressing safety concerns in residential properties . Find out more on page 67 .
Surveying the Sector turns to infrastructure on page 39 . Latin American countries are embarking on the journey of commercial 5G services , marking significant strides towards a more connected and technologically empowered future . In this article , Padma Ravichander , CEO of Tecnotree , OYJ explores the different ways 5G is transforming the infrastructure of Latin America now and in future .
We also have a range of ‘ Intelligent ’ pages , which feature the latest in automation , cloud , network , green , BIM and security .
I hope you enjoy this issue and if you would like to contribute to any future editions then please do not hesitate to contact me .
Ellen Flannery Editor
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